The Hour of Code

Some pretty interesting folks in the US got together last year and planned out a national event in December that I'm sorry I only discovered in January.

The Hour of Code was a coordinated effort to get students to take a hour to try coding for the first time. It's not as intimidating as it sounds. There are a number of organizations that stepped up to support this by writing or adapting applications to introduce coding concepts to a variety of age levels, no previous experience required. My 10 year old daughter tried it out and I believe she's hooked on the idea on "making the computer do What I want to do".

It occurs to me that, as Hams, we should be stepping up in a broader way to support this kind of effort. Schools in North America have limited (and in some cases no) computer science curriculum - and in an age of software defined radio, this does not bode well for our hobby. We need to get involved.