Taking your ARES Team "Online", a Primer.

What follows in a step by step process for bringing your ARES team online, to share, to coordinate, to be engaging and to have FUN... its a work in progress, your mileage may vary

Buy a Moleskine Evernote notebook

"Why do I need an old-fashioned notebook to build an online homestead?"
Well you are doing this online, but you will need some offline elements, or at lease one, in this case a notebook plus there are other advantages:

  • To write passwords down etc (link to chapters, Evernote amazons.ca)
  • To get 3 months of free premium service at evernote.com

To write passwords down etc (link to chapters, Evernote amazons.ca)

Open a gmail account "town ARES"

Record passwords in Moleskine 

A word about passwords - all unique, numbers and letters and punctuation 

Bonus: buy one password bt agile bits (link) learn it first and use suggested passwords

You can share a vault in the ARES executive


Open a free Evernote account  use the code in the back of the Moleskine to get 3 months free)


Use the gmail email as your username pick a good password an write it down in the Moleskine 


Get yourself a URL - go to hover.ca

TownARES.ca - to use .ca you must be a Canadian a resident

This will cost you about 18.00  a year

(Extra, add an email account to the account for about $xxx a year

EC@townARES.ca, AECtechnical@townARES.ca

You can do this later but it's a nice touch, this can forward to your personal email 


By the way I'm a huge fan of using callsign@gmail.com, it's unique and useful. And the spam filter is excellent

You can use the email to 

To forward to from your Callsign@RAC.ca  email as well


Get an Evernote account

Suggest a notebook and tag structure

Get a Dropbox account


All accounts based on the townARES@gmail.com name 

Name "Town ARES"


Learn markdown

Link, explain history

Html looks like this - link

This post is written in markdown look here to see what it looks like

See how much easier and clearer it is for the type of simple posts we need to do in ARES

Anyone can learn this


Open a postach.io account at link

This is a clever on site web creation tool that let's you write posts in Evernote and post then to the site. 


I use Squarespace, which I heartily recommend, as it supports Markdown, but you may find it costs a little more and etc etc.


All of this can be done from a Mac OS X or PC running woindows

After spending years in the computer industry at a top manufacturer and working closely with Microsoft I have developed a bias for the Mac. OS X is simple and beautiful and is not a hobby or job all it's own. But you decide - each will work


Set up a postach.io account