Niagara Peninsula Hamfest (St. Catherines)

I spent the morning working the RAC booth at the Niagara Peninsula ARC Hamfest. These guys run a good show. Many thanks to the organizers for a great job done.

These events are a terrific opportunity to have open and lively conversations with my Bosses (meaning Amateur Radio Enthusiasts like you, RAC members or not), to hear concerns and brainstorm.  

The conversations range from:

"Could we have a level of RAC membership that has Magazine, or services,  but just allows the ham to contribute to the organization?" (Meaning cheaper, Hmmm... Why not... )

"We need to help industry Canada clean up the database of licenced hams... Or I'm never going to get a two letter call..." (I hear you my friend)

"How much for your iPad?" (That I'm running newsletter registrations on... Then again, anything's for sale at the right price....) 

 "We should award extra points on Field Day for contacts on the new 60 metre band" (I'm actually kinda jazzed about this last idea. We need to speak to the ARRL about this as a chance to "work out" our new band!)

Every conversation was light hearted, engaged and respectful. I had a blast chatting with my constituency. That said, not all are pleased. Many are still confused about insurance and other benefits, and about our direction in general. One comment I keep hearing is about the diminishing "relevance" of RAC.

We still have much to do. 

Yet I'm still impressed with my Bosses...they love this Hobby as much as I do, and together, If I listen really hard, I think we can find the right path.