A Director Resigns

To my constituency here in Ontario South, I wanted to share this email I sent to my Fellow Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada today announcing my resignation from the Board.

It has been a pleasure to represent you.



To Radio Amateurs of Canada, fellow Directors and Officers

With this email I hereby submit my resignation as Director, Ontario South effective as of 5 November 2014.

As I have voiced a few times now, I am uncomfortable with the current “health" of the organization, specifically:

1. The isolation of Directors and Executive from the members we serve, 

2, The resistance to representing ALL Amateurs in Canada, and 

3. A general lack of openness, accountability, and leadership.

I feel an engaged, open and healthy National Society would 

  • publish meeting schedules, agendas and detailed minutes in a timely fashion to encourage member feedback / interaction with Directors.
  • be concerned with the resignation of three Section Managers in rapid succession, conduct “exit interviews” and take corrective action.
  • show leadership by having specific, bold objectives, clearly communicated to, and supported by, its members

I’m feeling alone in these concerns, as if other Directors feel that things are “Just fine”, I’m feeling frustrated and ineffective in gathering support for basic change in the organization, so I think it’s best to part ways. I’m going to apply my time and attention in other areas so that I can support, in my own way, this great hobby.

I am thankful to the constituancy for the opportunity to serve as a Director and I offer my best wishes to each of you.


Rod Hardman