Domains, Hosting and Blogs

From time to time I get asked about how "Mortals" can create good looking websites, and as a Mortal, I have a few suggestions

Domains & Email - you really can't go wrong with Toronto based - They are easy to work with, super reliable and don't try to sell you stuff you don't need. Sign up here

Hosting - You'll need a place to put your stuff. I'm a fan of - This site is hosted on SquareSpace and while it does take some learning, it beats screwing around with HTML, plugins and patches - no matter the price! Squarespace supports MarkDown (see below) and even selling your wares.

Markdown - John Gruber of developed Markdown as a Text to HTML syntax that is extremely helpful for folks like us that write on the Web - or anywhere.  Learning this is a real game changer and one of the best ways I know to learn it is David Spark's MacSparky's Markdown Field Guide on iBooks (or PDF).